• Scripts for the Web
    and more


  • Inkscape SVG logo design
    Gimp raster photo editing
    Blender 3d modelling
    and physics simulations


  • I can spin out pages for ages

    is King

  • Earth
  • Meeting
  • Smart

Pricing Practices

Fair Wage Based Pricing

I respect the value of a dollar. I charge a fluctuating hourly rate that depends on the level of skill required to do the job. I think you will find my rates are fair and affordable.

Day Labourer

No Liability Expressed or Implied

I am available for hire as a 'day labourer'. If you are not happy or have any concerns you are free to pay me and let me go. If you are late on paying wages I may stop labouring for you.

IP Ownership?

No Intellectual Property rights

The employer only hires me to make a website and is free to use the website and edit the website. The employer does not own the website design or any web technology included in the website design.